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doctor So I really wanna make a trock band


but there’s nobody I know who both plays an instrument and  would want to join.

Any of you guys live in London and wanna make one with me?

Liverpool too.

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  1. alexandean answered: TROCKBAND YES
  2. chilope answered: i would love to :) ill definately move to london to get to be in a band with you :)
  3. ericperridon answered: well,that be fun.
  4. thisisthomy answered: Live in Surrey :)
  5. vsw625 answered: If I lived in London, I totally would join.
  6. honkhonkmotherfuckers answered: london, no. But otherwise HELL YEAH!
  7. equiuszahhax answered: I totally would, if i werent in the united states D:< i wish i lived in the UK so much
  8. with-both-my-hearts answered: I live in the United States, but I would totaly make a Trock band with you if I lived in London. :)
  9. glasfrosch answered: God. Now that I know this is a genre, I’m Totally starting one!!!
  10. ghostthane answered: I WISH I LIVED IN LONDON! ;o;
  11. clarastiels answered: london, no. band, sure! (:
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    Anyone in Ottawa (Canada) want to make one with me?
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  14. sunnylandon answered: London Instrumentalists nnn Doctor Admirers (LINDA)!
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    I’m not in London but I could record vocals and send them or maybe piano with a lot of practice? XDDDD;;;
  16. tonguelikernurder answered: I live in Watford, close enough?
  17. worthyourweightinfanfiction reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    Liverpool too.
  18. jenstogs answered: i would love to be in a Trock band & i play an instrument…sadly i live in wyoming where barely anybody knows what Doctor Who even is…
  19. consulting-fieldmice answered: I live in Newfound land., I play guitar, ukulele, and tin whistle.. id love to join D: