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Okay, this is urgent.

This appeared on my desk this morning. I assume she snuck into my room while I was sleeping and put it there. My sister has severe anger and violence issues, but my parents never gtot her tested for anything because it would ruin her chances of being a doctor if she got diagnosed with something. She’s studying law now, so they still don’t want to get her mind checked. I’ve been walking on eggshells all my life and I thought it would be okay after she moved to university, but she comes backs for weeks at a time. She’s staying until next monday.

I mentioned a singer to her she didn’t know two days and she started shouting at me that she didn’t care and to shut up and he (Ed Sheeran) was just some random guy off the internet and I should “F***ing mention him when he’s made it big”. I started to say he’d topped the charts a few times and she went mad, grabbed my laptop by the top of the screen, dropped it, then closed it and clung onto it. I left the room before she did anything. The next morning, this letter appeared under my door (transcript in the italics at the bottom). If I can find the letter I replied with, I’ll post that, but she still has it. (I won’t correct the spelling or grammar, but she is dyslexic, so it’s not fantastic).

This afternoon, I got back from school and started packing my bag for tomorrow and she appeared in my doorway and asked “Are they back yet?” I told her again I didn’t have her stuff and she hit me in the eye. I didn’t have a chance to close my eye, so it’s even more sore than it got when she used to hit me when she still lived here. I left the room again and sat downstairs with my dad and when he asked why I was crying, I told him what happened. She started shrieking that I was lying and came in, calling me names and threatening me again. I left the room again and closed myself in my room with my mum’s laptop. She’s coming up in about half an hour for her stuff and I don’t have it. I could really, really use some help. My arms are aching because I had a lot of bags to carry home, so I can’t fight her. I have a kitchen knife hidden in my room in case she does attack me; she’s tried to stab my dad before, so I don’t feel bad about it. There’s only the three of us in right now and my dad’s really sick and probably won’t bother coming upstairs, thinking it’s just her shouting or something. Can anyone help?

Dear Passive Aggressive Little Bitch,

I decided against making everyone up but I WILL be telling them tomorrow (so you have spread a few hour spat into a 2 day fight, noone said you were clever but thats completely retarded.)

I want my cleanser back, I cant belive the petty nature of what you did trying to dry up my makeup - what the hell do you get from that?! The cleanser I get, youve got spots & think that might help but grow the heck up, you’re not 6! I want a) everything you have taken returned by 6pm or I’ll go and get it or things to the same value b) an apology for trying to ruin my makeup and c) all that childish, attention seeking rubbish youve posted on [Facebook] deleted.

I get that youre annoyed and what you stole & tried to ruin tells me why but seriously, growup. When youre 18 youll lose the spots, stay skinny, tall & blonde, get Laura [my eldest sister] sized boobs & go to uni & make decent, functional friends. Dont turn your family especialy the members that have done the most for you & been the kindest, against you cause then youll never have it all, Right now you have the chance to have ‘itall’ and you are ruining it with stupid, childish, pathetic, attention seeking stunts.

Just sayin.

So. All my stuff back, crape deleted & an apology by 6pm or, belive me, you’ll regret it.


I couldn’t find my reply, but I said I didn’t care about how I look, I already have “decent, functional” friends, they just don’t go to my school and I haven’t turned anyone in the fasmily who has been kind to me against myself. I also mentioned that I didn’t touch her make up or her cleanser and that I don’t appreciate being threatened. It was maybe a little bit to cheeky, but now she’s really really mad. I have 10 minutes before time’s up and I really need all the help I can get. Can you help me please?


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